Cutting to the Core

Bald is beautiful

That's right, bald is beautiful, or at least that's the line I'm taking from now on.

Over the years my hair has slowly become less and less. When it first started to happen there were clever ways to disguise it that didn't involve a comb-over or a wig. I would just cut my hair short.

It worked well. People could only tell I was going bald when the hair on my non-bald portion of my head would become longer than the hair inside the bald zone.

Like I say, it worked well, at first. The last four years there really hasn't been any hiding the B disease no matter how short I cut my hair.

I recently came home from a work assignment, hot and sweaty. When I looked in the mirror I knew it was time to make a decision.

My sweaty, hairy sides were horrendous. The wispy patch on my forehead, fighting so valiantly to keep back the skin from gaining more ground, was a mess.

It was time. Hell, it's been time for years.

So I took out the shaving cream and made my entire head as smooth as my daughter's bottom.

My first reaction after seeing my freshly shaved, bald head was, "...damn you're good-looking."

So I'm going to stick with it. The wife likes it. Piper couldn't care less at this point in time. She might when she's in high school and her bald father comes to pick her up at a dance. But we won't cross that bridge for 13 years.

I've seen some shocked looks. I've had a few people ask the one word question, "...Why?!"

But it's all good. Looks and comments now roll off my back like water rolls off my head. Very easily in other words.

I have even been accused of blinding people with the glare coming from my head. That is good news and I plan on using my new weapon to my advantage.

You see, I play tennis every Wednesday and Sunday. I now just need to learn how to direct the beam of blinding light from my head into the eyes of my opponents.

Unfair? Maybe, but perfectly legal.

Bald Power!


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