Cutting to the Core

Here comes the mud

A mere two weeks after our country's historic election and the mud is already starting to fly.

I listened to talk radio the day after the election and heard the right-wing pundits congratulate Obama on his win and promise to give him the benefit of the doubt until he makes a mistake.

That truce lasted just long enough for Sean Hannity to take a breath and then it was game on. Let the mudslinging begin.

Since Obama hasn't actually done anything yet and isn't president, these right-wing nuts don't have anything real to bag on him for. So what do they do? They make things up.

Here are some of the fear-baiting I've been hearing on wing-nut radio.

I've heard under an Obama presidency Americans will lose their rights to own guns.


If you really believe that Obama is going to ban guns in America you don't have a firm grasp on the issue.

Hasn't anyone heard of the recent Federal Appeals Court ruling that said the handgun ban in Washington D.C. was unconstitutional?

Sure, there might be an attempt to ban assault weapons, as there should be, but handguns, hunting rifles and shotguns are going to be around for a very long time.

Another thing I've heard is that under Obama the Democrats are going to take over everybody's 401K plan and then mandate that everybody set aside 5 percent of their income to go into the kitty. The government will then pay out 3 percent annually to our 401s.

Okay, again, if you believe this is going to happen, you simply are unable to recognize the rantings of the right-wing nuts. Sure, I've heard of some Democrats talking about this but it won't happen. Even if there was enough support to rubber-stamp this through the Democrat-laden houses, Obama is smart enough to veto any such legislation.

If this did happen, and I'm saying it won't, but if it did this scheme would last as long as it took to usher in the Republicans during the next election.

Most Americans are already fed up with having to put a portion of their salary into social security, which most politicians say won't even be available for us. So I have a hard time believing Americans will stand for this most recent scare tactic, it just won't happen.

And I also hear Hannity screaming about the fairness doctrine and how the Obama-led Democrats are going to silence right-wing talk radio.

Does anyone really believe that? I mean it's fun to bag on Democrats and vilify them but do people really believe that they are going to make Rush, Savage and Hannity go away? Are there really people who believe Obama and his cronies in both houses can get rid of one of our greatest freedoms, free speech? If so please look at my picture next to this column. That's me laughing at you.

So people, stop worrying about nothing and start worrying about the real problems we as a country are facing, like two wars, high energy prices and a tanking stock market.

We're not going to start blaming Obama for these problems, are we? Not yet, right?


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