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City of Sunnyside's annual salaries

(as of 8-31-08)

Eric Swansen (city manager) $95,000

Mark Kunkler (city attorney) $88,644

Aaron Markham (fire chief) $88,644

Ed Radder (police chief) $88,644

Jim Bridges (public works director) $85,392

Lloyd Hazzard (deputy fire chief) $81,312

Phil Schenck (deputy police chief) $81,312

Jordan Arreola (finance director) $80,000

Kent Coffman (police sergeant) $72,612

Jeff Cunningham (police sergeant) $72,612

Joe Guillen (police sergeant) $72,612

Preston Kelley (police sergeant) $72,612

Earlene Bassett (assistant finance director) $70,260

Mike Storms (building official) $70,260

Joey Glossen (police sergeant) $69,156

Oliver Hernandez (police sergeant) $69,156

Troy Huff (information technology manager) $66,900

Andrew Gutierrez (communication/corrections sergeant) $65,856

Deborah Estrada (city clerk/executive assistant) $57,792

Jamey Ayling (associate planner) $57,792

Andy Stamschror (building inspector) $57,792

Scott Bailey (patrol officer) $56,904

John Chumley (patrol officer) $56,904

Skip Lemmon (patrol officer) $56,904

Jim Orth (patrol officer) $56,904

Jim Ortiz (patrol officer) $56,904

Sam Ramos (patrol officer) $56,904

Chico Rodriguez (patrol officer) $56,904

Melissa Rodriguez (patrol officer) $56,904

Darin Scott (patrol officer) $56,904

Paul Filicetti (fire department floor captain) $56,052

Bill Harris (fire department floor captain) $56,052

Gene Smith (fire department floor captain) $56,052

Joe Ortega (sewer division supervisor) $55,740

Teri Rhode (human resources) $55,056

Bill Eikenbary (code enforcement) $55,056

Mitch Ziegler (parks maintenance supervisor) $54,192

Jaime Prieto (patrol officer) $54,192

John Stanton (street division supervisor) $54,192

Steve Schut (water division supervisor) $54,192

Cory McVay (building inspector) $52,440

Shane Fisher (associate engineer) $52,440

Bob Johnson (firefighter w/EMT I certification) $50,952

Dennis Blumer (firefighter w/paramedic certification) $50,952

Mike Beckwith (firefighter w/EMT I certification) $50,952

Josh Roe (firefighter w/paramedic certification) $50,952

Don Clift (public works assistant division head/sewer) $50,592

Wayne Linder (equipment services) $49,176

Kevin Roberts (public works assistant division head/street) $49,176

Nate Ziegler (public works assistant division head/water) $49,176

Rob Layman (patrol officer) $49,152

Scott Orate (patrol officer) $49,152

Erica Rollinger (patrol officer) $49,152

Evie Jaquish (accounting assistant II) $48,708

Pam Sandifer (administrative assistant/deputy city clerk) $47,544

Ryan Bruso (patrol officer) $46,812

Johnnie Gusby (patrol officer) $46,812

Jose Navarro (patrol officer) $46,812

Chris Sparks (patrol officer) $46,812

Tony Castillo (firefighter w/EMT I certification) $46,224

Mickey Gillie (firefighter w/paramedic certification) $46,224

Sean Glasser (firefighter w/paramedic certification) $46,224

Ryan Savage (firefighter w/paramedic certification) $46,224

Mark Goudie (wastewater laboratory tech) $45,468

Wayne Beeman (wastewater treatment plant operator) $45,468

Debbie Mendoza (assistant court administrator) $44,532

Bob Cavasos (wastewater collection operator) $44,148

Jaime Alvarez (maintenance worker) $44,148

Randy Peters (maintenance worker) $44,148

Gilbert Trevino (maintenance worker) $44,148

Juan Uribe (maintenance worker) $44,148

Dennis Duim (water system specialist) $44,148

Kirk Weets (water system specialist) $44,148

Keith Johnson (firefighter w/paramedic certification) $44,016

Chad Den Boer (firefighter/EMT) $44,016

Pete Garza (SR corrections officer) $42,336

Charlotte Hinderlider (administrative assistant police department) $41,088

Delilah Cyr (administrative assistant public works) $41,088

Elva Chumley (communications/corrections) $40,296

Mary Flores (communications/corrections) $40,296

Amy Reynolds (communications/corrections) $40,296

Kevin Myers (communications/corrections) $40,296

John Paul (communications/corrections) $40,296

Rob Moritz (engineering technician) $40,044

Adrian Sandoval (communications/corrections) $38,376

Gabino Saenz (communications/corrections) $38,376

Juan Alvarez (parks maintenance worker) $38,136

Brenda Anderson (accounting assistant) $36,648

Shirley Stredwick (accounting assistant) $36,648

Elvira Anciso (court clerk) $36,648

Irma Jasso (court clerk) $36,648

Luis Valdez (communications/corrections) $36,552

Ryan Austin (information tech specialist) $35,484

Don Howell (custodian/building maintenance) $35,472

Sandra Standley (ambulance billing clerk) $34,908

Cesar Rivera (communications/corrections) $34,812

Melissa Day (police receptionist) $33,240

Mike Christensen (hospital security officer) $32,772

Armando Martinez (hospital security officer) $32,772

Jim Williams (hospital security officer) $32,772

Edica Esqueda (traffic safety coordinator) $31,740

Virginia Perez (police receptionist) $31,656

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