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What a fright when technology bites

I love technology. Many of us do. Some to a fault, such as my daughters and other youngsters and young adults who do not realize there is an "off" button on their cell phone, or that there is a law in this state about text messaging while driving. My daughters say they don't do it, but when you receive a text message during one of your daughter's commute times, you become suspicious.

But it is not text messaging while driving that drove me (no pun intended) to write about technology. It's when technology does its best to help you, but it bites you instead.

Take for example this past weekend. My wife Sherri and I decided to visit our youngest daughter, Andrea, at her new apartment in Bothell. We hadn't been there since we helped her move in and she had laid some pretty heavy guilt trips on us about the subject.

We enjoyed our one-night stay and our drive home over Steven's Pass and through Leavenworth on Sunday.

We arrived home about 7:30 p.m. and went about our Sunday evening as usual. When it came time to go to bed, I checked the alarm to be sure it was set for 5:45 a.m. and it was.

The next morning, alarm goes off, Sherri gets up to brew a pot of coffee and take her shower. Everything seemed normal until I hear hurried footsteps on the stairs and a frantic... "it's five minutes to seven!"

Now you have to understand, that is no big deal to me. I can shower and be out the door in 15 to 20 minutes, no problem. However it seems Sherri needs a bit more time.

I made it to work on time, but needless to say Sherri did not. However, much to her credit, she was at work before the school bell rang.

Seems our intelligent alarm clock was under the impression that last weekend was the change of Daylight Savings Time and had taken it upon itself to adjust the time, as did our thermostat. Apparently the message about a delayed end to Daylight Savings Time had not been imbedded in its memory. Neither of us realized this at the time, but Sherri noted that the Sierra Vista clocks were also intelligent and were off by an hour as well. I can only imagine there might have been a few other folks across the county late for work that morning due to our savvy technology.

So as we go to bed this Saturday night we will follow the yearly ritual of "Falling Back" by setting our clocks one-hour back so we don't have another hurried Monday morning.

Oh, and we'll be sure our cell phones are turned off as well.


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