Cutting to the Core

Not Dead yet

My fun spring is already in jeopardy, partly because of my legendary procrastination and partly because of those headstrong Thais.

The country of Thailand is currently experiencing some unrest due to a coup in 2006 that ousted CUTTIthe prime minister. The country is now going on Prime Minister No. 2 right now and some people are not happy about it. A recent ASEAN summit was shut down and at last word there were riots in the streets and the Thai Army has been called in. That's never a good sign.

My wife and I plan on visiting the country in May and already I've been asked if we will take our daughter if the situation remains tense. In the words of that famous pig, "You betcha!"

I don't think the Piper Cub is going to cause any problems and get herself in the middle of Thai politics so I'm not really concerned.

A far more pressing matter in my mind is the fact that the Grateful Dead concert May 16 at the Gorge is sold out and I have yet to get a ticket. This has caused much worry on my part.

For weeks I would check the Dead's website and marvel at the fact that after so long the band was finally going on a full tour. I rejoiced and told everybody that would listen of my plans to take the Cub to see the Dead.

I could have bought great seats but I procrastinated and soon all the great seats were taken. Still, I wasn't concerned because I thought the lawn section at the Gorge might be a better environment for my 3-year-old than sitting in some seats next to some dancing hippies.

I kept getting on the website but still I didn't purchase the tickets. I really didn't think the show would sell out. Well, it did.

Now I'm scrambling to get some tickets. I've checked on the websites craigslist and stubhub and everybody wants to cash in on the fact that the show is sold out. That means what was once a $60 ticket has now turned into a $100 ticket.

I even spoke to a young man who won his tickets on the Eagle radio station. He was calling in for free pizza and instead got two Dead tickets. Now he wants $200 for the pair.

I can't really blame the guy. If I somehow fell into two tickets of a sold out Britney Spears concert I would probably try to capitalize as well. But as a fellow Deadhead told me, Britney deserves to get scalped, the Dead do not.

So dude, if you're reading this, please call me and tell me you'll sell me the tickets for face value. You'll be doing a good thing and most importantly, $130 will buy a lot of pizza. I know I already offered you $150, but taking $130 will set your karma up for a long time to come.

A fellow Deadhead tells me not to worry. His exact words were, "fret not my bald one."

He believes tickets will be available at the show for under face value. I want to share in his optimism but along with being a procrastinator I am also what is known as a worry wart. And I'm worried.

So although I'm not set for the Dead yet, I'm still working on it and I plan on having tickets in hand when I arrive for the show.


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