Cutting to the Core

Obama's first 100 days

The magical number of days for every first term president has passed and so far I have yet to be too unpleased with anything President Obama has done.

Of course, among Republican circles I am in the minority.

Tea baggers will point to Obama's enormous proposed budget as proof he is planning on spending us into socialism and eventually communism.

The president has even been lambasted for having the audacity to be seen in the oval office in his shirt sleeves, minus the jacket to his suit. "President Reagan would have never done that," quipped one right-wing talk radio host.

I've heard him criticized for flying a chef in from Chicago to prepare pizza. This was done on his own dime, mind you. He was routinely criticized during the hostage stand-off off the coast of Somalia a few weeks ago. Why, I don't know. Once the captain was rescued the same people criticizing him for not doing anything then started in on him for holding a press conference detailing the operation. Apparently they thought he was taking undeserved credit.

For all of these I give Obama a pass. I don't care who he flies into Washington D.C. to make pizza for him. I don't care if he doesn't wear a jacket in the Oval Office.

Obama bowing to the Saudi king was unfortunate but really not important. At least not important enough for the radio stations to spend a few days on the topic bashing him for it.

I think Obama has done a fine job so far except for two things...the massive bailouts and the earmarks associated with the recovery package.

I wish he wouldn't have given any money to the car companies. I don't want to see them fail but I don't want taxpayer money to have to prop them up. I just don't see the wisdom in giving them money. For crying out loud, they are American car companies in America, if they can't make things work then maybe they shouldn't be there.

But he did and I hope things work out.

My other problem with Obama is his signing of the economic stimulus package with all those earmarks in it.

He said that era of government was over with and it would have been a huge message if he would have refused to sign the package and instead sent it back to Congress for retooling. Instead, he signed it, which to me signifies politics as usual.

Obama still has a long way to go before the ink will be dry on his first 100 days but so far, I'd say he's doing as good as job as can be expected up to his point. I hope he keeps it up.


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