Cutting to the Core

Obama needs to refocus on the War on Terror

Where has the War on Terror gone? I know it's still raging but where is the media coverage of the conflict in Afghanistan?

Recent reporting has been worse than when the previous administration ran things. And that's saying something.

I really believed Obama would straighten things out over there. I've been sorely disappointed. It seems the President has stimulus packages and health care on his mind and not the most pressing issue facing us right now. The War on Terror!

The most positive thing Obama has done in Afghanistan has been keeping Bush's strategies in place. That's right Sunnyside, I said it. The best thing Obama has done in Afghanistan has been to keep following George W's plan.

It worked in Iraq and I don't think it's being too optimistic to believe it will work in Afghanistan, if it's done correctly.

Sure, Bush royally screwed things up in the beginning of the war in Iraq but he did so by listening to bad advice. When he finally got the advice he needed, he acted and things improved dramatically. He did some of his best work in the last years of his presidency, too bad it will be his first six-years that will be remembered. Maybe rightfully so.

But, back to Afghanistan, Obama has been waffling along and he needs to step things up. As Sen. Lindsay Graham recently said, "Let's not 'Rumsfeld' Afghanistan...""

The Republican senator is right.

More troops are needed now! Seventy-six coalition troops were killed in July, that's double the number of soldiers that were killed in June. So far in the month of August, 27 coalition soldiers have been killed, maybe more by press time.

That's to be expected. As the war heats up during the summer months more U.S. and coalition troops will be killed or injured. This is a direct result of the resurgence of Taliban power and the Coalition's first major offensive in years.

So let's urge Obama to put the troops in Afghanistan that is needed for success. Let's encourage him to engage with other countries for their help. It will be nearly impossible to do this on our own. It will be too expensive and too costly in American lives. The public will soon forget why we went there in the first place and abandon Afghanistan to the Taliban.

If Obama doesn't refocus his efforts on what's going on in Afghanistan the consequences could be dire. I'm not trying to sound a doomsday scenario but if Pakistan ever fell into the control of radicals aligned with the Taliban and Al Qaeda, then Birthers, Teabaggers and town hall storm troopers will be just fond, fuzzy memories for him.


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