Don't need Uncle Sam prescribing my pills

The thought of having government run health care terrifies me.

What troubles me the most is the fact that I'm plagued by health issues, more so than the average Joe.

I absolutely do not want the government to have access to my records. I do not want them to have a say in my treatment. I do not want them to know what pills I take, how often I take them, how often I refill them.

At my doctor's office, I'm treated like a person, not just a name and social security number in the system. Granted, part of that is because we live in a small town.

Recently, a friend applied to make payments to the IRS. They sent him a letter and gave the green light, then continued to bill him. Three months later, they sent another letter stating that they accepted his payment plan.

Are these the people you want handling your medical care?

Insurance companies aren't perfect. I've gone through hell and back on a few things.

I've got another friend who can't take the proper meds for her condition because the insurance won't cover it. Because of this, she suffers immeasurably, knowing if she could just take that one med (that can run up to $1,200 a month), she could have a better quality of life.

I see the same thing happening if government takes over health care-certain meds will be denied because they are simply too expensive.

But I see it happening on a far larger scale.

Once government gets control of something like health care, things can get out of control pretty quickly: out of control for the patient, the doctor, the pharmacist.

One thing that troubles me is the liberal thought that everyone deserves health care. I actually had someone say that to me. I disagree, although I must say that indigent people suffering illnesses do need programs like Medicare.

I, the taxpayer, don't want to pay for your toothache, back ache or bullet wound. It's just not right. And you don't need to pay for my plethora of health woes, trust me.

Not to mention, I feel our current administration is inching toward socialism day by day.

I don't want to live in a socialist nation.

And I want me and my doc to have freedom and liberty over my health care, not Uncle Sam.


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