Sure, I look like a nut

It appears as though I'm becoming more and more dependent on my electronic gadgets.

I've had a cell phone for years, but about two years ago learned I could seemingly let people know I was thinking about them or get a questioned answered swiftly via some deft texting on the phone. That evolved into exceeding the allowable number of texts per month so many times that I finally had to add unlimited texting to my plan.

Now, it seems as though I've found a new gadget to expound on my cell phone experience.

It's called a Bluetooth device-a little black thing that is constantly attached to my right ear.

With one push of a button, I can call someone and chat on the phone hands-free.

This thing is so convenient I can push the button once, say loudly, "Call someone," and voila, a friendly electronic voice responds, "Did you say, 'Call someone?'." When I give the affirmative, the voice then asks me who I'd like to call.

Therein lies a developing problem.

When I initially got the device, it was to use while driving. It allowed me to take care of phone calls while zipping from one place to the next.

I've gotten a little carried away.

I use it while I'm doing almost everything: gardening, thumbing through a magazine, while doing laundry.

Unfortunately, I also use it while I'm putting gas in the car, in the checkout stand at the market, even while I'm walking from one place to the next.

It didn't occur to me that I looked weird until a friend walked up to me one day and said, "You look like you're nuts. You look like you're talking to yourself!"

That's when it dawned on me that many people don't notice the Bluetooth, or maybe even wonder what it is. All they see is what looks like me blurting out statements or questions.

Sometimes this is amusing. Sometimes, not so much, like me saying emphatically in the coffee-line, "You need to tell him to knock that crap off!"

Suddenly, there's a bunch of either awkward or guilty looks coming my way and I wonder what everybody's staring at.

My family and friends finally understand and have stopped looking at me baffled.

The public, on the other hand, is just going to have to remain mystified because I have absolutely no intention of removing this black thing from my ear.

As with the rest of my electronic gadgets, it's entirely too convenient.


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