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The holiday spirit

As an outreach this Christmas season, our church is doing something different this year and it involves holiday meal coupons from a local store.

It's a surprise to some local families, so I can't say too much about the outreach our church is doing...but it is something new for us this Christmas time.

It was a great feeling to pick up those coupons the other day...and to see the eyes of the store clerk when he rung up the church's coupon purchase.

Joni and I have holiday plans, traditions we'll enjoy at Christmas time.

But the thing that has really made me feel in the holiday spirit wasn't a tree or lights, it was imagining the smiles God is going to bring to some folks by using our church as a light.

Our church is no doubt one of many lights, congregations, that God will use this Christmas season.

I know this Sunday for us will bring some more smiles as the children perform their annual Christmas program, singing about the real reason for the season.

The program has been a time of costumes for the kids to try on as shepherds and angels, of picture taking and preparations for a power point slide show.

Of course the light children and all of us bring is just a glimmer, a shadow of the light Jesus offers through His birth, death and resurrection.

So at this season of Christmas, let's think of ways we can be lights to other people. Shine a light for Christmas, and throughout the new year to come.


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