Let's vote YES

Please join me in voting YES for the $11.4 million school bond on March 10. By voting yes, your taxes will remain the same $1.26 per $1,000 of assessed property value, and continue to be the second lowest tax rate in Yakima County.

Upon approval of the bond, the state will provide an additional $35 million in matching funds. The money will be used to expand and modernize Sunnyside High School, as well as construct a cafeteria/multi-purpose room at Sun Valley Elementary. If you vote no, the $35 million matching funds from the state will be given to another district, and our tax rate will still be $1.26.

Not only will the bond benefit our students, the projects will generate $530,000 in sales tax for the city of Sunnyside.

Let's vote yes for the school bond and do what is best for the students of Sunnyside.

/s/ Rob Chambers, Sunnyside


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