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A call for civility

Personally, I found the ad that was published in last Friday's edition of the Daily Sun News, titled "A Fistful of Dollars...Starring Sunnyside City Council," rather tacky. If it had been up to me, the ad wouldn't have run.

I have no problem with an advertiser directing readers to a website, as this advertisement does. It's in how the advertiser captures the attention of readers that I object to.

For those who missed it, the ad encourages people to visit the website to view "the top ten screw-ups of Sunnyside City Council." The advertisement goes on to say "Learn how our merry band of bit players keep rehearsing and rehearsing and just never get it right. You'll laff, you'll scream, you'll cry...mostly you'll just cry."

Nothing really earth-shattering here, but tacky, very tacky.

When I was in the military I had a run-in with an enlisted man who out-ranked me. Instead of succumbing to his wishes, which were clearly biased due to his dislike for me, I stood my ground and acted inappropriately. Later, when facing my punishment for disobeying the orders of the soldier who out-ranked me, the words of my first sergeant still ring in my ears.

You may not respect the man, Top told me, but you have to respect the rank.

The same holds true when it comes to people in our community who for the most part volunteer their time to serve on our city councils, school boards and other commissions and committees.

We all have the right to disagree with the way business is being conducted by these people. Part of the political process is showing up at the meetings and challenging the thought process. When running for political office there is nothing wrong with pointing out what has transpired under the old guard.

But, respect must be shown to the office, and to those who temporarily fulfill the responsibility of sitting in those seats. If not, the waters will quickly become murky and only those who are adept at mud-slinging will venture into the political arena.

Simply put, civility should be the norm. Without rehashing days gone by, let's all learn from our past mistakes and transgressions and continue the evolution of growing into the type of community in which everyone can take an active role.


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