Let's get criminals off the streets

According to news reports, the police are now putting the blame on us citizens for the criminals breaking into our houses and stealing our guns. Therefore, it is our fault that the gang bangers have weapons.

Give me a break!

I don't know about you, but I am tired of having to pay the price for all of the criminal activity. The criminals are paying none of those costs.

It starts in the homes where they have more children than they can afford; in school where only about 40 percent graduate in Sunnyside. A lot of them become gang bangers, roaming the streets looking for ways to cost the taxpayers, from graffiti to stealing. They drive cars with no insurance or no license. If they are caught and find they don't pay the fine, they laugh at our judicial system...which is a joke. They don't work, yet they drive fancy vehicles with expensive sound systems and expensive hub caps and tinted windows. When they shoot one another with a stolen gun and they go to the emergency room, do you think that they pay? When they steal your car or lawnmower, even if they are caught, do you think that they will pay?

We taxpayers are paying people a lot of money to solve these problems, however their only solution is that the taxpayers need to spend more money. Besides that, we're told it is our fault and that we are not doing enough.

I do not accept the statement that we are to blame. Why don't we start by enforcing the laws already on the books, such as impounding vehicles being driven with no insurance or license. We need to collect the millions in fines in all the Valley's courts that have already been assessed, for starters.

If the community needs somebody to solve some of these problems, I am available, and I guarantee I couldn't do worse than those presently in charge.

/s/ Don Young, Sunnyside


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