City Council has a problem

Once again Sunnyside has made the news. It's a wonder it hasn't gone national as the firingest city council ever known in the United States.

City Council, what's your problem? Through the years you have fired one city manager after another. I believe it isn't the city managers who have the problem "as you see it," it's you.

I know for a fact when Bob Stockwell held that position, a more honest and upright man there couldn't be, it wasn't long before he became a threat to you. What's the matter? Was he too honest or intelligent for you? After all, he was manager of a large city before he came here. He wanted to get away from the hectic life of the city and live in a small town. Too bad for him.

Now you move on to Mr. Swansen. Perhaps the city council has an agenda. I for one would really like to get down to the brass tacks of what is going on with you.

City Council, you are now being watched by all caring Sunnysiders. You've degraded our town and are being watched by other towns.

Perhaps the thing to do is remove those of you who are left and have others come in who are honest and dependable people.

Your characters are now in the forefront.

/s/ Kathie Rougk, a concerned citizen


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