Cutting to the Core

Energy prices need to be addressed

It seems to be happening again. The dreaded rise of energy prices as Americans begin to prepare for the start of the summer months.

Luckily prices haven't spiked like they did last year but we still have a while before the peak of summer hits, so let's not hold our breath.

I left on vacation May 21 and a gallon of regular gas was hovering around $2.50. Three weeks later the price is $2.89 and I'm left scratching my head and asking why. And please...don't tell me it is supply and demand. Oil seems to be the only commodity where supply and demand doesn't dictate the price.

World demand is down and American oil reserves are at their highest levels in decades. The world is drowning in oil but prices keep inching up, directing billions of dollars to countries that want to destroy us. Am I the only one who sees something wrong with this?

When President Obama mandated American vehicles must meet certain fuel efficiency standards that must be in place by 2012 I thought that was a good thing. But it doesn't nearly do enough. What is a 5 percent increase in fuel efficiency going to do for Americans when we're paying 400 percent more for a gallon of gas? Maybe it's just me but it doesn't make much sense.

Although increasing the fuel efficiency of vehicles is a good thing I think the focus needs to be on keeping energy prices down. How do we do that? Well, that's the million dollar question.

First of all, I think all Americans, not just Republicans, should demand a nuclear power plant in all 50 states. An education campaign on the safety and efficiency of these power plants needs to be undertaken. If the Republicans can only get one thing passed in Congress during Obama's next eight years it should be money for this campaign. Our attitudes about nuclear power must change and with good, clear facts, I think this can be done.

I'm not opposed to drilling for oil off our shores or in mosquito infested areas of Alaska but I'm not convinced that's the answer. I mean, like I said, we're already swimming in oil and the price just keeps going up. If we add to the world supply how much more will the price of a barrel of oil increase? The only positive I see in increasing our own oil drilling is that at least we would be paying astronomical prices to Americans instead of petro-terrorists.

I would like to see most of the stimulus package used to build refueling stations across the United States for vehicles using hydrogen fuel cell technology. Or spend the money developing a cheap battery that can run an electric car for 300 miles without a recharge.

It is things like this that will cripple OPEC and help the United States wean itself from foreign energy.

This shouldn't be a partisan issue and all Americans, no matter what animal they support, need to get on board with this. Harass your congressman, harass your senator and harass your president.

It's time to let them know that we are mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore. It's time to demand they fix this problem.


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