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The truth can be painful

I recently read an article, written by a respected author, that spoke of the pain that others might feel when we speak the truth...or, in his case, write the truth.

I am one who shares his belief in being honest at the risk of possibly offending others. Nothing in life is without risk, but we live in a politically correct world that demands we espouse kindness toward others by way of using words that are considered not harmful.

We are taught to use terms when referring to a particular race that have been deemed acceptable and to omit viewpoints that may offend others.

The author spoke of a literary definition that would exclude him from a particular genre under which his books are published. His writings are poignant and speak to the ugliness of society's underbelly. They are not rosy and filled with sunshine as many would expect from an author in the Christian fiction world.

To quote Ted Dekker, "Jesus pointed out the truth to the Pharisees by calling them a brood of vipers."

Because the view is that Christians must love others, there are some who forget the truth is we live in a fallen in which not everything is a ray of sunshine. There is true evil in the world and the author exposes it.

As children we are taught to speak the truth, but as we grow older the waters of truth become muddied.

I personally am not the most tactful human being. I have always spoken my mind to the dismay of others. If I see a wrong, I say so.

I don't always have a good defense for what I say, either. But, I do feel wrong or right, if I'm speaking from my heart, being honest, a defense should not always be necessary.

As to the author who writes about the evil of this world, I greatly respect his willingness to expose the uglier side of the world...speaking the truth through his writings.

We should all strive to be sensitive to the feelings of others, but when the truth needs to be told we shouldn't have to pull our punches.


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