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Cutting to the Core

Giggidy, Giggidy

If Glen Quagmire lived in Sunnyside where would he buy his coffee?

That's easy. Quagmire would buy his coffee at Desert Savannah, Sunnyside's first and only lingerie espresso stand.

Has everyone had a chance to get some coffee there? Can you say giggidy?

Now, some people don't like Quagmire. For those of you who are confused as to just who in the heck this man is, I'll tell you. He's a lovable character from Fox's Family Guy show.

He has a way with the ladies and is known to blurt out Giggidy when something arouses his interest.

And just like Quagmire has his haters so does, it seems, the people involved with bringing Desert Savannah Espresso to Sunnyside. They've been called names. They've been told to leave town. They've been told Sunnyside doesn't need people like them.

I'm sure the people who have said these things are good, kind human beings but ease up, will you. Try not to get too excited about the idea of an espresso stand that features cute girls in lingerie.

I can understand how some people don't like the idea. I really do. I personally don't have a problem with the place but I might be biased. You see, I like cleavage. I really do. You might even call it my kryptonite.

But even though I like cleavage I admit I would be very unhappy if my wife or daughter ever decided to work at a place like that. Along with my bias I might be a bit hypocritical, as well, but I'm okay with that.

My point is, the only people who should have a problem with the business is the parents or significant others of the employees. As long as they're cool with it, we should be.

Skin is used to sell everything from alcohol to electronics. Why can't it be used to sell coffee?

If for some reason you just can't let it go, if the thought becomes too much to bear, then don't go to Desert Savannah Espresso. It's as easy as that. If a person doesn't visit the place they won't even know it's there.

Some have expressed dismay that a photo of one of the workers was shown on the front page of the Daily Sun News. I won't argue that point because I'm biased. You see, I took the photo and I think it's just great.

But...I will say this. While the photo might or might not be appropriate, there has been far more skin shown in the paper concerning diet ads and I've never heard any complaints about that.

I've also seen more skin at a Sunnyside High School sporting event and have never heard any complaints about that.

I personally have questioned (silently and to myself) how appropriate some of the outfits young girls have worn at some of the car wash benefits held in town have been.

I haven't heard anyone saying they should leave Sunnyside.

So maybe we should all just chill on the espresso stand. Maybe chill over a good cup of coffee. I know a place where we can get some. Giggidy!


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