Cutting to the Core

My TV dilemma

Why is it that picking out a satellite television package is so darn hard, and so darn confusing?

My dilemma started when my wife brought home a new TV. A few days earlier I had finally gotten all my television channels programmed on my digital converter box. I had been going without CBS and NBC for a while because my antenna wouldn't pick up those channels.

I'm not sure what changed but I did a channel scan and BOOM, I had my channels.

I was happy. I don't need 150 channels of crap to keep myself content. The old-school channels give me everything I need, except Monday Night Football, and I can live with that.

What's really nice is with digital TV you get three NBC channels, two ABC channels, two CBS channels, two Fox channels and three PBS channels. For free TV that's plenty.

So, like I said, I was happy. And then the wife brings home the new TV.

For some reason I can't get that many channels now and I don't even need to use my ghetto digital converter box. I do get digital channels that I didn't get before, mainly Hispanic and Christian gems that I just don't have much interest for.

Currently I have CBS, Fox and PBS. I've had NBC and ABC, but never at the same time. Every time I rescan I lose any channels I had. It's frustrating and it made the wife and I start thinking about satellite television. But trying to decide what package to get can be just as frustrating as only having a few free channels.

Another factor into purchasing satellite television is how much crud is out there on pay TV.

I stopped by a friend's house the other day and he had 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' on. I had to shake my head.

MTV isn't what it used to be. I can't even stomach 15 minutes of the channel when I see it on at a friend's house. What has happened to America's youth where that programming can pass as TV?

Other channels have shows such as Cheaters, which is a show about catching spouses or significant others in compromising positions. It's pretty sick.

This is how bad TV has got. Steve, the bouncer from the old Jerry Springer Show, now has his own talk show. Steve seems like a nice guy, but are you kidding me? Is this what passes for television these days?

I really only need to see sports, the Family Guy and the news and I'm happy. But with satellite TV you can't just get those channels. You have to pay for all the other garbage out there too. Direct TV has several different packages. The basic and cheapest package doesn't offer FoxNews. So to get it you must upgrade to the next highest package, which means you pay more money and get more useless channels.

It would be nice if these television companies would offer a package where you could choose your 20 favorite channels. That makes sense so it will probably never happen.

And because of that I will be forced to sit on the fence and ponder whether I should just stay with free TV and my three out of five networks or bite the bullet and pay for TV.

And until I make my decision, I'll be complaining the whole time.


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