Cutting to the Core

Stop the Insanity!

I think Susan Powter said it best when she used to bellow "Stop the Insanity," ala Billy Mays, into our living rooms at 1 a.m.

Powter, the best-selling author who ruled midnight infomercials in the mid-1990s, coined the catchphrase that sums up American politics of today. It's insane and it needs to stop.

This is America, darn it, not the Middle East! Things are shaping up to rival the great Israeli/Palestinian feud, without the violence of course.

I'm talking about the insane fringe groups of the Republican party. They don't like Obama, so instead of accepting the fact that he is President, and will be until at least the first part of 2013, they consistently oppose anything and everything he does.

The latest crack-pot claim that the Anointed One is hell-bent on transforming us into the U.S.S.A. was Obama's desire to address school children across the United States. The compassionate Right had a field day with this.

"This is scary," said one right-wing nut-job on AM radio.

Another one wailed to Sean Hannity how disgusting and worrisome she found it that Obama was able to "take over our school system for his gain."

Parents across the United States were up in arms about it. AM radio spread the rumor that he was going to indoctrinate the students into his ambitious health-care reform idea.

No, said the White House spin doctors, Obama just wants to address the students and encourage them to stay in school.

"Communist, Nazi," the extremists would shout back.

Now, there are some extreme, fringe groups on the left, as well. I'll call them the left-wing nut-jobs. The Republicans don't have a monopoly on stupid people, that's for sure.

But what the right-wingers do have is a huge network of conservative radio shows and an entire cable news channel hammering home ideas that are frankly just false.

I don't believe Obama is the anti-Christ. I don't believe he's a Muslim. I don't believe he was born in Kenya. I don't believe he's a Nazi and I don't believe Obama's message to students yesterday was anything other than a pep talk from their president at the start of a new school year.

I also don't believe how some in this country can hate someone so much just because he's from a different political party.

I've said before, the Right has some legitimate issues where they can raise concerns. Why muddy the issues by making things up, which only shows the insanity of these people? Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.

So if I can quote Powter, "Stop the Insanity." Let's focus on the facts to change people's minds, not lies.


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