Cutting to the Core

New mission for tea-baggers

Listen up tea-baggers, I've got a new mission for you.

Thank you for your previous efforts to try to stall health care reform. You failed miserably, but at least you tried. Now here's a mission the tea-bagger might actually succeed at. It's a stretch, but if someone in the movement actually gains some common sense then it might work.

The tea-baggers were doomed from the start with their mission to keep poor people sick. You see, the baggers thought they were speaking for America, they weren't. They were speaking for themselves, which they think is America. It isn't.

The baggers forgot about those pesky Democrats, liberals and independents that actually want affordable health care for every American. That's where the baggers failed.

But this new mission I have for all tea-baggers will command the support from nearly every single American, save for that damning 10 percent.

The new mission? Help force the United States government to lower gasoline prices.

Isn't this the most pressing issue we as a nation are facing? Wouldn't this be a good cause to get together, write up some inflammatory signs and march around yelling slogans?

Instead of the tea-baggers' failed attempt at keeping affordable health care out of the reach of everyday American citizens, this one might actually draw the support of the whole country.

Here's how the tea-baggers do it.

Demand Obama keep his word about nuclear energy. Every chance you get Mr. tea-bagger, talk to your senator or congressman and ask them why it's so hard to get a darn nuclear plant up and running.

Ask them why, if Obama is going to open up areas for drilling, then why aren't we drilling?

Ask them why there isn't more pressure on OPEC to increase the flow of oil. Ask them this and more, and maybe we'll start seeing some relief at the pump.

Tea-baggers, it's time you drag yourselves across Dale Doback's drum set and march to a different beat.

God bless you.


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