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Time to end the bailouts

By passing bailout after bailout, and by relying on "big government knows best" polices, this Congress has left our nation with high unemployment, record deficits and government spending that is out-of-control and unsustainable.

I voted against each and every bailout, whether it was for Wall Street, automakers or banks, and whether they were under President Bush or Obama. I also opposed the stimulus spending bills that have increased our deficit, vastly expanded the federal government and failed to provide the type of relief needed to help job-creating businesses.

These bailouts have left American taxpayers on the hook, and are about nothing more than bigger government and more spending, not creating jobs and growing our debt. I have voted against and will continue my efforts to end these bailouts.

It's time for this Congress to end the taxpayer funded bailouts and use the money to pay down the debt. Since 2008 this Congress has spent trillions on bailout after bailout, putting American taxpayers at risk from rising inflation, increased deficits and further job losses. They have driven our nation deeper into debt, and caused many to question our country's long-term ability to meet its financial obligations.

To put it simply, the American people are sick and tired of the borrowing and spending coming from Washington, D.C. and want it to stop. I have listened to that message from Central Washington, and that message is that something needs to change and that the spending has to stop.

Congress must cut spending and return to the fiscal discipline that economists agree is needed to create jobs and grow the economy. Some of the specific proposals that I support include:

...Ending the bailouts

...Writing a trimmed down budget

...A Constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget

...New budgeting tools, like the line item veto, to cut out wasteful spending

...A one-year moratorium to stop earmark abuse

...Elimination of unnecessary federal programs and cutting spending

...Addressing the growth of programs that increase each year automatically without any congressional action or review

The deficit has not been caused by the government taxing too little - it has been caused by this Congress and this Administration spending too much on bailouts and trillion dollar spending bills. Enough is enough - it's time to stop.

- Congressman Doc Hastings (R-Pasco) represents Central Washington's Fourth Congressional District.


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