Spreading lies will hurt the right come November

I understand politics can be especially brutal but I really thought I had heard the last of the old 'Obama is a Muslim' issue. It worries me that after more than two years there are still people who believe that.

I imagine many people are saying to themselves, "Who is stupid enough to believe that, Corey?"

I'll tell you who's stupid enough to believe that. Nearly one in five Americans are ignorant enough to believe that. Not one in five Republicans, but one in five Americans. The Christian Science Monitor is reporting 18 percent of the United States, or roughly 55,813,565 Americans, believe Obama is a Muslim.

Who are these people? I want to know. I've met a couple of them and they seem okay, but how can they be if they believe this kind of nonsense.

I realize the left has its kooks, too. I know that and freely admit it. But does anyone really think nearly 20 percent of the population believes George Bush had something to do with 911? Sure, there are some people who do believe that, but the number is so minor that it's not even taken seriously.

But with the November elections drawing near, someone is throwing out this myth again to try to harm Democrats and Obama. Now who would do this? Hmmmm.

I know Faux News runs with this story as often as they can. Usually, and I use that word loosely, the Faux News reporter will mention that people mistakenly believe Obama is a Muslim. A lot of time they don't, though.

Hardcore hate radio personalities like Limbaugh, Beck, Humphries and other trash talkers fan the flames of this myth.

I understand a lot of people don't like Obama and want him out of office. But if Obama really is the worst president since Jimmy Carter, why must people make up stuff about him? Stuff like he's a Muslim, or he's not a natural born American or that he pals around with terrorists or that he's a socialist or that he's a communist, etc., etc., etc.

I'll listen to anyone who wants to debate facts. I might even be persuaded. But as soon as someone mentions that Obama is a Muslim or he's not American, my eyes just glaze over. My thoughts turn to, "Oh God, who is this nutcase and how can I get away from him?"

But the questions remains, who believes Obama is a Muslim? The polls say 18 percent of Americans do. Is this group filled with liberals, Democrats or Green party members? Or are they Republicans?

Since most of this trash is spewed from conservative mouth pieces I guess it would be easy to say Republican. I could be wrong.

ABC News reported that Republican National Committee Media Director Todd Herman recently tweeted a link to a news show where Obama says McCain hasn't attacked him for his Muslim faith. The news show aired before the 2008 election.

Obama was talking about how others have claimed he was a Muslim but McCain never went down that road.

This is the RNC media director passing this stuff out. Doug Heye, a RNC spokesman, claims it was just an errant or sarcastically-intended tweet. Errant? Where's the error? Oh, it was sent out, I see.

He went on to say the RNC doesn't comment on Obama being a Muslim because it is crystal clear that he's not and it's a non-issue.

As Obama would say, the RNC threw a rock and then hid their hand.

The RNC is trying to paint Obama as a Muslim because since 911 there has been a fear or dislike of Muslims in the United States.

Still, that doesn't mean that Republicans believe Obama is a Muslim. But then I looked at the 2008 general election numbers. If you combine Republican voters, Libertarian party voters and Constitution party voters that voted for McCain/Palin, the number is 60,657,814. That's eerily close to the number of people who believe the Obama is a Muslim nonsense.

So, I'm convinced now. It's conservatives and Republicans who are believing and spreading this nonsense. As an independent I have one simple message for them. Stop it!

Things are going in favor of Republicans, as far I can see. Why, for the life of me I don't know, but that seems to be the direction things are taking.

I would hope they would be smart enough to realize that and stop being silly. Attack the Democrats on the issues and stop using Karl Rove style tactics and fanatics like Sarah Palin to stir up trouble. I think Republicans will go a lot farther in November if they do.


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