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Spare change...mister?

Earlier this week, God blessed me with the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time and I just love days like that.

Way back when, I used to use the laundrymat. Back then, it cost, oh, say $1.25 to wash a load, then a quarter for every 10 minutes to dry.

What I hated about it was I no longer had the luxury of washing small loads of delicate or dress clothes and I'd make myself wait to wash a load of, say, red clothes until I had enough to justify the expenditure.

Before laundry day, my clothing options would dwindle and I loathed it. I even learned how to live with using the same bath towel two days in a row.

Now I find myself in the same situation and once again I loathe it.

This time around, I'm too old and too disabled to be lugging laundry around. And I about stroked out when I saw the price.

Where I do my laundry, it's now $2 to wash a load. It makes me so mad, each time I go I purposely tune out how much it's costing me to dry. I just know quarters rapidly disappear into the great wide unknown.

When I used the laundrymat before, it was because I lived in a home that didn't have washer and dryer hook-ups.

I do now and after spending a small fortune on washing apparel and linens lately, God blessed me.

I was shopping at the Sunnyside Christian Thrift Store when a man pulled up in a pick-up truck holding a washer and dryer.

I was beaming, grinning from ear to ear.

Some think this is creepy, like the guy who dropped off a stove at Goodwill two weeks ago. I gave him the same goofy grin because I thought it was a washing machine and since I was standing right there, I'd have dibs.

This gentleman earlier this week didn't think I was creepy but he was surprised I was as happy as I was, especially given one is white and one is almond and they don't perfectly match.

But the best part is, each one was affordable! $50 each!

I've been looking, looking and more looking for such a good deal and at long last I've found it!

I can now wash my little decorative rugs about the house as often as I please. I can wash a load of just denim! I can wash a half-load of reds!

I'm free!

So happy was I, the man donating the items to the Christian thrift store almost got a smooch on the cheek.

I thought about it, though, and determined that would be creepy.


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