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Gotta love Paydays

Hi, I'm Lynda Jo and I'm a Payday-aholic. No, not the two days a month I live from one to the next, but the candy bars.

I'm not sure when or how I picked up this addition to my many vices, but I'm up to at least two king size Paydays a day or three regular size ones.

I've always enjoyed sweets, but not like this. This is pure Payday pacification at least twice a day--gluttony like nothing I'd ever previously seen or even heard of!

The gals at the convenience store I frequent daily for my fix thought nothing of it until it became, well...a fix. After a few days, I think Tabitha and Juanita thought I was going to give birth to a mini-Payday in a few months. Come to think of it, maybe Tabi was fishing for baby news when she detailed her pregnancy Payday cravings, cravings so strong she'd scrape the peanuts off to protect her broken tooth just to chow down on the nugget.

It was while chatting with Tabi that I realized my Payday habit was spiraling out of control. I was self righteous and passionate, offended even, that the makers of this great candy bar had the nerve to call it a peanut caramel bar.

"Tabi!," I cried, "How dare they call the center caramel!"

Hey, I'm sure caramel has her slaves, but I'm not one of them.

No, the center of this great candy bar is decidedly not caramel.

Rather, it's something so sweet, a mere word is too lowly to describe it.

As I talked about my love of Paydays to Tabi, I realized I was talking about a golden candy bar as though it were a sun-bronzed Lothario.

I thought I was nuts for a week or two until my girlfriend Kris came over. Shoveling Payday pieces in my mouth, I tried to justify the pile of wrappers on the table.

As it turns out, I needn't have worried.

Her face lit up as she excitedly waxed poetic about the 'perfect mix of sweetness and salt.'

As I write this column, merrily munching down on a king size Payday, I have no fear in openly discussing my addiction.

I'm not alone. There are others out there just like me who've fallen prey to this inexplicably delicious golden treat. Right? Right?

1 Bob Story 1/8/2010 3:44 PM


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