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I'm not a blogger!

I don't access blogs on the internet and throw in my two cent's worth.

It would be easier if I was one, not having to attach my name to whatever opinion I wanted to offer up. Posting my thoughts on a blog anonymously would allow me to take off the kid gloves and hammer away at whatever or whoever was in my sights at that time, without fear of being sued for libel or facing retribution of any kind.

The Daily Sun News recently opened a blog-of-sorts on its website. It allows readers to post their comments about the stories that are published there daily. I wasn't in favor of adding this reader-friendly option to our website, but it wasn't my call. I'm about the only one in our office, though, who doesn't like this new tool.

To be honest, I don't often check what our readers are blogging about. The few times I have visited the site, I've come away disappointed. How seriously should we consider someone's views when they don't exhibit the slightest command of the English language? I'm no Pulitzer-award winning writer, but I do know how to construct a simple sentence, unlike some of those who post their comments.

The greater disappointment, however, comes from the innuendos, the half-truths and the unsubstantial rumors that are haphazardly tossed out there for all to see. It would be one thing if these comments had a signature attached to them, but to just throw out there some of the charges and allegations I've read, all while remaining anonymous,'s a bit unsettling.

We don't always get everything right in this field of journalism, but our names are attached to what we publish. Right or wrong, we're accountable. We get to take credit for all the good stuff we produce, we have to answer for the bad stuff.

When I got into this business and was given a regular spot on the opinion pages, it was duly impressed upon me that I had to have broad shoulders. Have your say, I was told, but when you do expect to be called on it.

Not that much of a stretch, considering the way I was raised. I was taught that when you talk about someone behind their back, only say what you would to their face.

With anonymous bloggers, there are no faces. Just allegations and accusations, right or wrong.


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