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President believes what he says

Just two nights ago President Barack Obama gave a "State of the Union" address, and led me to realize he truly believes what he tells us.

I don't agree with much of the current administration's attempts to pacify the American people because I am one of the many joining what is commonly referred to as the "Tea Party Movement."

Obama opened his address to the nation, sharing how he inherited a bad economy on the verge of a depression, "the worst of which has passed."

Perhaps we were on the verge of a depression. Certainly I cannot disagree with the fact that our economy took a huge hit in 2008-09. The housing market crashed and stock markets fell. People were losing their homes and unemployment was on the rise.

He blames the Bush administration for the problems the nation has faced, but Congress and the Senate were controlled at that time by the Democrat party, just as they are today. Policy was set by the representatives before 2000 and throughout the eight years President George W. Bush held office.

President Obama said he hated bailing out the financial institutions, but felt it had to be done to stem the impending crisis that would have occurred had something not been done. I hated the bailout, as well.

He credited the American people for staying busy during one of our nation's most difficult years in history.

Again, I must agree with President Obama when he said we are a nation of "great spirit.

"It's time Americans get a government that matches their decency," he declared.

I agree with this, but feel that is where government has failed the citizens.

During town hall meetings held last summer, members of Congress and the Senate failed to show the American people they were listening to the will of the people. Several times cameras caught officials telling their constituents, "I know what is best for you."

Obama said he hopes "to overcome the numbing weight of our politics." But, he helped add to the weight by pressing his own agenda and failing to listen to the will of the people. He is just as guilty as the members of Congress and the Senate.

This is why U.S. citizens have banded together to form the "Tea Party Movement."

Television commentator Glen Beck's success is because the people feel he understands their frustration with the government that is meant to represent the people. Beck articulates what the people and small business owners are feeling.

A friend of mine owns a small business in Oregon. As a small business owner I am sure he appreciated Obama's pledge to provide small businesses with tax cuts since just this week Oregon announced higher taxes for businesses. My friend said his taxes were being raised high enough that he would not be able to hire a new employee this year as he had planned.

If Obama does get the job bill he suggested during the State of the Union approved, without the behind the doors deals we have seen with health care reform, small business owners will be much happier.

The President said jobs were added in 2009, but I fail to understand how unemployment can rise when jobs were added. I mean...if unemployment was at 5 percent, for example, and jobs are added...wouldn't unemployment drop?

Just asking...because I think there is a possibility there were jobs saved, but not added.

As for clean energy jobs...great concept. Unfortunately, it is my understanding that we locally have a problem with clean energy being generated just outside our community. The problem is that the power company is not accepting the energy because the grid is full.

Health care reform has been the subject of debate for many months. Obama is not accurate when he blames lobbyists for trying to kill the bill. It is the American people who are not buying into it because of the behind-the-door dealings and buying votes. The American people are against the current reform because once again they feel government is trying to intervene in our private lives.

People all over the nation have held up signs pointing out the failures of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. There is a vast population that feels one more government program is not going to help, but hurt. They believe the program, like its predecessors, will fail, as well.

The citizenry is fed up with government as it is, feeling misled and betrayed.

With the lack of promised transparency, the American people are even less likely to buy the "bill of goods."

President Obama Wednesday painted what some might think is a glorious picture of what he wants to accomplish. As with any politician these days, I think U.S. citizens will remain skeptical.


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