Cutting to the core

Be careful what you wish for

After years of struggling to learn how to drive, my wife recently passed her driving test and has now been issued a Washington state driver's license.

My first thought was HOORAY, which was quickly followed by, UH-OH.

I almost feel I need to apologize to the unsuspecting public. Yes people, my wife is now driving.

Of course I jest. I'm very happy for my wife and I'm extremely happy for myself.

She works in Yakima and West Richland at Thai restaurants and before she secured her license I had to go and pick her up every night. After working eight hours it got to be a real drag having to load the Piper Cub into the car and drive either to Yakima or West Richland.

We have both wanted for some time now for Tanya to get her license, but it was a slow road. I tried to teach her how to drive but she didn't like it. It seems I yell too much.

In my defense, after running three stop signs I think just about anyone would yell. Even my old driver's ed teacher Mr. Milner would probably have yelled at my wife.

I can understand blowing through one stop sign at the beginning of the learning process, heck, I can even understand doing it twice. But three times? Come on. Pay attention!

Or how about keeping the vehicle between the lines without weaving like a drunken sailor? Seems easy enough, doesn't it? Not really, at least for my wife.

But she finally mastered driving, except for that pesky little thing called a turn signal. When she took her first test she got a 76 but failed to use her turn signal like five times. She was pretty bummed out when she failed, especially when she realized she would have passed with flying colors if she had just used her turn signal.

The second time was worse, even though she used her turn signals. But the third time was the charm and she passed with an 86.

We have recently picked up a second car and Tanya is now driving to and from work. This has made me very happy since there are no more late night 70 to 100-mile trips.

So what I wished for has been good to me, so far. But for Tanya it has been a different story.

She has wanted her driver's license for years now and she finally has it. (Again, I feel I must apologize to the public).

But the second night she drove home from work the complaining began. It seems that after working a shift at the restaurant my little honey is just too dog-tired to be excited about driving the 45 minutes home.

My message to her was simple. Be careful what you wish for.


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