October 2008 robber sentenced to more than five years in jail

Eduardo Fajardo Casias, 31, of Delano, Calif. is currently serving 61 months in the Yakima County Jail for a robbery he was convicted of committing Oct. 11, 2008.

The robbery occurred at Sunnyside's Hiway Fruit, located at 209 Yakima Valley Highway.

Casias, according to Sunnyside police, displayed a pistol and stole $200 from the business. He fled the scene before officers could arrive and was not immediately arrested or identified.

Police say he was later in custody on unrelated charges when the store clerk who had been on duty the night of the robbery identified Casias as the suspect.

He is currently in the Yakima County Jail on numerous other charges, including robbery.

He was sentenced in Yakima County Superior Court this past March for the October 2008 robbery.


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