Publishing of names done in poor taste

This is regarding a June 2, 2010 news article printed in your paper, as well as the "Story Time" personal column on June 4, 2010. Shame on you...our own local newspaper felt it must print the names of employees who had just lost their livelihoods.

Mr. Story would have us believe that this was done to "put a face to this story." If the Daily Sun News had wanted to "put a face to this story," there were other ways to have done that. This is a time when we need to support one another, not make example of them.

I understand the need for reporting on this issue, but the people/family/friends closest to these 17 people already knew who they were, and to tell anyone beyond that is their private business. The article was like salt being rubbed in an open wound (kind of like being a victim twice).

I have always been under the impression that all personnel business that is discussed by the school board is done so in executive session and is confidential. So, I question how the paper had access to this list of names. Yes, I know about "public record" and I do believe in freedom of the press and free speech, but I think the whole situation was done in very poor taste. Other businesses/industries/employers have had to RIF people, and I don't believe the newspaper printed those individuals' names.

To the individuals who had their names used in these articles, I must reiterate what was said in the personal column... "these people lost their positions because of government funding cuts. They did nothing wrong." These people need to be thanked for the job they do and supported by the community (and the newspaper).

We in the education field are always aware that what we say to a student is planted in them for a lifetime...WOW...think what has just been planted by the Daily Sun News to those of us working in our schools.

/s/ Shirley Pedraza, Co-President, Public School Employees, Para Educators


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