'F' as in Frank

Murray, Murray, Murray

At some point in my journalism career I ended up on Sen. Patty Murray's e-mail list.

Being on a politician's e-mail list is pretty common for members of the media. I'm also on the e-mail list for several other office holders and agencies.

They send us occasional updates that can be helpful because we get a heads up if there is an announcement related to the Lower Yakima Valley, such as a visit to this area or a policy shift that directly impacts us.

But Murray's office has been a veritable electronic BP, spewing e-mails daily, all since last week when 14 candidates filed to challenge her Senate seat.

One of those challengers is Dino Rossi, a Republican, who was very nearly governor six years ago. Another is Republican Clint Didier, whose candidacy is gaining in visibility.

The challenge is apparently not lost on Murray, a Democrat, as the e-mails from her office are fast and furious.

Mind you, there's no breaking news in these massive missives, it's more like Murray in motion, such as:

"Murray applauds..."

"Murray demands...."

"Murray blasts..."

You get the idea, the mighty Murray is allegedly fighting for us, the overtaxed middle class.

That's just a sampling and there could have been more but I cleaned out my e-mail the other day.

Given her frenetic activity - and eagerness to share it - maybe we should add another verb to the Murray menu: "Murray's worried."


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