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Freedom isn't anything to be taken for granted

This weekend we will celebrate Independence Day and thinking about the freedoms we enjoy has me reflecting on patriotism.

Although I consider my husband a political nut, he embodies the definition of patriotism. He seemingly bleeds red, white and blue.

The man is passionate about the freedoms we enjoy in this country. He honors the troops in whatever way possible, including a longtime friend who is currently a Lt. Colonel and Green Beret, serving our country with great pride.

The friend is a hero and my husband boasts of how this man puts his life on the line in the true tradition of all the U.S. flag stands for.

I, too, am a proud American. But, I don't have to drown myself in political news each day. I like to wear the colors of the flag and celebrate our freedoms, honoring all those who have lived and died for Old Glory.

I admire those who uphold our Constitutional rights and pray for God's blessings on this nation.

When my husband thinks the government is making an attempt to strip its citizens of the rights we hold so dearly, he screams at the political talking heads and I sit back, usually silently but fully understanding his wrath.

Patriotism is well represented in our home. Mike is a prime example of someone well informed. I can hear him now...talking about the Kagan confirmation hearings. He wants a Supreme Court that continues to uphold the Constitution as intended by our founding fathers...the men who fought to establish the United States of America.

The framers of the Constitution made it quite clear they believed in God, liberty, justice and the rights of all citizens. They fought the British to provide us the right to free speech, bear arms and a free press. They didn't want the government to overpower the people, but for the people to hold the power.

The flag is representative of the Republic first formed by those men who fought so valiantly and the men and women who continue to fight for freedom around the globe.

Patriotism is the love and devotion of one's country. Many of us will be provided the opportunity to show our pride and love for this great country this coming Sunday, when we celebrate Independence Day.

Others, like my husband, do it daily...keeping up with the government through political news. But, my hope is they also balance the intake of knowledge with the outpouring of love for their friends and family, celebrating the one thing no man can take away from


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