Cutting to the Core

Glad it's over

It's over and thank goodness for it.

The Nov. 2 mid-term elections have come and gone and with it the numerous attack ads that are now part of every election cycle. It's left me exhausted.

Things have become so polarized in our society it's hard to believe what comes out of any politician's mouth. That includes both sides of the spectrum.

I watched a debate between Dino Rossi and Patty Murray on television and it was just frustrating. I can't even imagine what it must have been like for the moderator.

Each time one of the candidates was asked a question they would dodge and weave and then launch an attack on their opponent. I'm not even sure the two Senate candidates ever answered a single important question. How do you decide who to vote for with that kind of performance?

We have it good here in Washington. I think either way it goes, Rossi or Murray, we'll be in capable hands. I really do. That's why the two are neck and neck in the polls.

As nasty as the Rossi-Murray race got, it's nothing compared with races in other states.

How about the governor's race in California? Jerry Brown versus Meg Whitman. Someone from Brown's camp called Whitman a whore. The Brown camp has also relentlessly brought up the fact Whitman employed an illegal alien knowingly. Whitman has, of course, denied knowing anything of the sort and has accused Brown of introducing this topic to confuse voters.

Or what about the race in Connecticut? That one features Linda McMahon against Richard Blumenthal. I would hate to have to pick between those two.

You have Blumenthal, who misrepresented his military service, claiming more than once that he served in Vietnam. He never did.

To me that is inexcusable. How this man is actually leading in the polls is shocking. However, you look at his opponent, Linda McMahon, and all I see is WWF wrestling and Vince McMahon. When I think of Linda I think of her husband humiliating one of his employees by screaming at her to strip in front of thousands of wrestling fans. It was his way of discipline.

How pleasant do you think the McMahon-Blumenthal race was?

We can't forget the Harry Reid-Sharon Angle farce in Nevada either. Angle's been painted as a racist, Reid's been painted as trying to steal the election.

But it's over. There might be a few recounts and legal maneuvers before the whole thing is done, but for the most part it's over. And for that, I'm glad


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