Cutting to the Core

Late evening phone calls irksome

I thought it was all over. You know the late evening phone calls that were so common during the past elections.

I would get all kinds of calls from people. "Do you know what Dino Rossi did," someone would ask. "Do you know what Patty Murray is trying to do," someone else would ask. It was very irksome.

So I thought it was over, but I forgot just because the election is over doesn't mean the NRA or Bank of America are.

Two of my most recent late-evening intrusions were from them.

The first was from the NRA. Now I have nothing against those guys. If people want to collect guns or hunt, I say more power to them.

But the NRA called me up with some scare-tactics trying to get me to join. I was played an audio of someone high up in the NRA chain railing against the United Nations and Hilary Clinton. The message was clear, they are trying to take our guns from us. No more handguns, no more rifles, no more shot guns.

The audio started with the guy asking me a rhetorical question. "Do you want China, Iran and Cuba to determine if you can have guns?" Or something like that.

The point was the NRA called me up, tried to get me all scared about what those nasty foreigners might do, and then asked me to give them close to $200.

I said no of course, telling them I supported the NRA but wasn't interested in joining them. I was then asked if I could make a $50 donation to help keep the UN and Clinton off their backs.

I was polite. I declined again and told them I thought gun rights in the United States will be fine. He thanked me and hung up.

That call was more comical than annoying. I had to take a persuasion class in college and its fun for me to listen to these people with no future try to use target words on me to get my emotions running high. It might work if the person on the phone didn't sound like a complete idiot as they read their lines word for word.

And then there is Bank of America. Those calls are just plain annoying, with nothing comical about them at all.

They are my bank. Isn't that enough? Do they have to continue to try and rip me off, siphoning off as much money from me as they can? Why do they have to be so GREEDY?

What annoys me the most is when I answer the phone and say hello, there is no one there. I say hello again and then someone picks up. They are calling me but don't even have the decency to be on the phone. They probably have several calls going on at once and only pick up when they hear someone say hello.

That's annoying.

Then when we are finally talking they want to be all buddy, buddy. They try to distract you and then hit you up for money.

The BOA girl offered me my credit report for free for one month. After that, I didn't have to do anything, they would just take the required fee from my bank account on a monthly basis. How nice of them.

I told her no thanks, but she still kept talking. Now that's just rude, so I hung up on her.

I understand businesses are in business to make money. I respect that.

I can understand how BOA got my phone number but how the heck did the NRA get a hold of me.

It makes me think someone out there is selling my personal information to people. Hello Facebook! Thanks a lot.

Organizations that sell my personal information are no friends of mine and it's really rather irksome. So it's time to do some 'irking' back. If you are like me and are tired of the late-evening phone calls, then is for you. This is the website to visit to register your number as off-limits to these annoying, irksome tele-marketers. Good luck.


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