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Let the shopping begin...or not

It's Black Friday and I'm glad I wasn't one of the many shoppers waiting for my favorite store to open early this morning.

There are many reasons I don't like to participate in the annual tradition. I don't like to get up any earlier than I absolutely need to. I am not a morning person at all. Instead, I like to snuggle in and lay in bed for as long as possible.

Some might consider this lazy, but I think it is genetic. Neither my mother nor her mother enjoy getting up in the morning, either.

Once I do open my eyes, roll out of bed and lumber out of the bedroom, I want my coffee! It is a long-standing rule dating back to my teens that I must have my coffee in hand and I must have uttered some semblance of a word recognized in the English language before anyone speaks to me.

Otherwise, I am a grumpy miserable human being to be around.

Again, I blame this on the genes because I was this way before I ever learned my grandmother is the same way.

As for shopping on Black Friday, I understand there are great bargains to be had when the golden gates of retailers magically open. I love a bargain just as much as anyone else, but I am not willing to risk my life to gain the treasures so many others are seeking. I have seen the news and I value my life much more than some trinket, television set or video game.

If I am unable to afford whatever golden nugget lies behind the doors at Walmart on a regular shopping day, I don't need it and my kids don't need it.

The good thing is my children understand value is not in the things we accumulate, but in the character we develop.

Yes, the Christmas shopping season has officially begun, and I do hope our retailers rake it in big. But, my Christmas shopping list this year will remain modest...and I don't have to stand in line for hours to make my purchases. So my contribution to the economy will be meager.

I just hope everyone who did participate in the mad dash this morning is safe, healthy and content, having survived the mob of shoppers joining in on the adrenaline rush that is Black Friday.


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