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911 remembered


Nine years later the nation remembers 9/11

by Jennie McGhan

A co-worker was looking through the archives of 2001 the other day and reminded me of an article written about Pearl Harbor in June of that year. It was a story entitled "The Day That Changed America."

My co-worker pointed out the irony of the title. The story was written approximately three months before the terrorist attacks on 9/11...the new "Day That Changed America."

Throughout the years since that fateful day in September 2001 some have moved on with life, seemingly not as concerned about terrorism as they were immediately following the dreadful events that took place nine years ago.

Tomorrow, however, there will still be many, many citizens across the nation and around the globe who will recognize the anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. There will be televised memorials in honor of those who were killed by the terrorists.

Unfortunately, tomorrow will also be marked with controversy. Some are upset President Barack Obama will not be visiting Ground Zero, but because he is Commander in Chief, I think his visit to the Pentagon is appropriate.

There is controversy surrounding family members of those who died on Flight 93 in Pennsylvania who are upset with a proposed memorial design, and there is a plan underway to run a full-size newspaper ad tomorrow in protest of the memorial.

Sparking the greatest controversy in current news headlines is a planned burning of the Koran by Florida pastor Terry Jones.

I tend to wonder if the message of 9/11 has been lost, partly because I have heard some officials say we no longer should be fighting in Afghanistan. Have we allowed ourselves to become complacent? The purpose for fighting the Taliban was to prevent Al Qaeda from growing in strength once again. The U.S. went to war in that nation because it was a safe haven, harboring and growing the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. Our troops have been fighting there to keep the people of this nation safe from harm, in hopes of also finding Osama bin Laden and bringing the head of the Al Qaeda organization to justice.

I am a patriot, who believes no one has the right to attack us in the way the terrorists did on 9/11. I believe we are a nation that has spent trillions on helping other nations, whether keeping those nations safe or feeding the hungry, providing humanitarian aid and military aid. When called upon, Americans take a stand for justice. They give of their own means to assist nations struck by disaster, both natural and man-made.

Whatever your belief about this country, I feel everyone should, however, honor the lives of those who sacrificed so much on 9/11. Take time out of your busy schedule and watch one of the many documentaries or the memorial services. Pray for the families of those who died, if you are so inclined. Whatever you do, never forget "The Day That Changed America."


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