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Parental pride

Often parents question their abilities at raising children. I don't know a single parent who doesn't doubt themselves and wonder if they are doing a good job.

Then there are those aha moments that tell you the child you are raising to be a responsible adult is surely on his or her have been doing a good job.

I have had a few of those moments this summer.

My children dearly love to push my buttons on a daily basis. After all, the oldest is a teenage boy, the middle child a pre-teen girl and the youngest...well, he is the baby and behaves as such on a rather predictable schedule.

My oldest son at the age of 14 has on multiple occasions offered up his lawn mowing money when he thought it would benefit the family's needs.

That is money he earned rightfully. My husband and I understand his willingness to pay back a little of the money to cover the use of our lawnmower and my husband's efforts at helping him. We don't expect the boy to sacrifice his entire pay. But, he does when he sees we may need a little extra cash to pay for something.

Last Friday, however, was the major moment of truth.

Without embarrassing the poor boy further than he already has been, I will refrain from sharing the entire story. The shortened account is that Brendon was subjected to an unfortunate incident that can embarrass even the most mature adults. Let's just say that it's always wise to cinch up your swimming trunks before diving into a pool of water. But, he pressed on where others would have quit. He showed character and integrity, devotion and courage.

It was a very public situation and, thankfully, most who witnessed the incident showed great character, telling him he is one gutsy kid to have persevered in spite of the circumstances.

Mamma was very proud of him because Lord knows I would not have possessed the strength of character he showed.

My daughter, too, has exhibited a great deal of character this summer. She has stepped up, helping out whenever possible. She doesn't complain or whine about helping us out. Instead, she has offered assistance and willingly provided it when requested.

The baby...we are still working on it with our 9-year-old wild child. But, they are only young once and then, they are all grown up and we stand back, amazed at how much they have matured.

I just find myself missing those days when they were all babies...the days when I could snuggle them and smother them with kisses without embarrassing them.


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