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A little cheese with that whine?

I am a whiner and I know it.

I know I have an issue with facing challenges head on without complaint. I know this is an area in my life I must work on.

Sometimes I might cover my tracks with a smile as I complain about the challenges I face, but that is only because I know I am truly displeased with whatever lies before me.

Let's face it, none of us enjoys taking on tasks that seem unpleasant. Some challenges can be avoided and others can be put off for a certain amount of time.

We act like spoiled little children, sometimes outwardly letting others know of our lack of desire to tackle the obstacles that make life more difficult.

Sometimes we hide our discomfort with the inevitable on the inside, cringing and throwing a temper tantrum...thinking "Why must I do this?"

I tend to "share" with others when life is not going the way I planned it. I seek comfort from them via words of encouragement.

Lately, there have been a lot of challenges in my life.

The challenges haven't been anything I can't overcome, just rather unpleasant.

An example of this is a story for today's paper. I am unaccustomed to speaking with county commissioners on matters they discuss and/or approve on their agenda. I don't mind speaking with elected officials, but the matter that was on yesterday's agenda was completely foreign to me.

I felt blind. The good news is the county commissioner with whom I spoke was kind enough to be patient with me while I struggled through the convoluted legal jargon.

This was a challenge I didn't relish. I cringed inside and felt a small sense of panic because I wanted to write the story as comprehensively as possible. I wanted to give the Daily Sun News readers the story in a manner they might understand.

When plowing through matters I feel I don't understand I feel challenged. I look at the issue as if it is a mountain, thinking I don't know how I am going to scale it.

As a result, I whine.

What can we do when faced with challenges? Many of us will whine like I do and gingerly take steps toward reaching the top. We will see a handhold and take a leap of faith that we won't fall as we reach for it.

Others might back down and give up.

I will continue to reach out for that precarious looking handhold, but I can almost guarantee I will grumble about it as I do.

Now I just need to find a little cheese to go with my whine.


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