Former fire chief succumbs to cancer

Former Sunnyside Fire Chief Jim Stanton last night (Thursday) succumbed to cancer after a valiant battle.

In his honor, the city of Sunnyside has today lowered its flags to half staff, according to Sunnyside Fire Chief Aaron Markham.

Stanton's legacy as a firefighter lives on with his son, Eric, who serves as a fireman in Grandview and volunteers in Sunnyside.

The former Sunnyside fire chief served the city for 33 years before retiring in 2004. He was at the helm at the fire department for four years, beginning in 2000.

Stanton leaves behind his wife, Lana; daughters Tammy, Tonya, Kristen and Sandy; sons Eric and Larry; and numerous grandchildren and extended family members.

In February 2010 Stanton was injured when a tractor ran him over. He survived the incident, which caused several injuries.

It was that same year doctors diagnosed him with cancer.


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