Cutting to the Core

More irksome trouble from the Middle East

It seems the world is getting bad news from the Middle East in an alarmingly increasing fashion.

Terrorism is a major player in the area. Arab countries seem to be experiencing a domino effect with mass protests. The price of oil is a huge weight on people's minds.

Yes, the Middle East has caused enough pain for the world and Americans in general these past years to fill up a lifetime. But now, from the department of dumb and dumber, comes a demand from city leaders in Baghdad for the United States to formally apologize and pay $1 billion for damage done to the city by blast walls and Humveees, this according to Reuters.

If I can use a quote from just about any character on Fox's The Family Guy, "WWWWHHHHAAATT?"

To be fair I've never supported the decision to go to war in Iraq. I think our efforts would have been better directed at winning the war in Afghanistan and capturing and imprisoning Osama Bin Laden. I don't think the war in Iraq wasn't noble, I just think it was unnecessary. But hey, that's just me.

And yes, the war in Iraq, instigated by us, did cause a lot of damage in that country.

However, I don't hear too many people reminiscing about the days under Saddam Hussein. I would also make a stab at a guess and say the leaders of Baghdad probably weren't looked upon too fondly by the former dictator. I will also go out on a limb and guess the leaders of Baghdad are probably happy with the way things have turned out for their country. Sure, violence is still prevalent, but they now are at least free to govern themselves, for now at least.

But to demand an apology and $1 billion for damage by blast walls is absurd. These blast walls and Humvees prevented much more damage than they have caused.

And if normal, Allah-fearing, patriotic Iraqi citizens would have stepped up and helped stop the madness sooner there would have been no need for Humvees and blast walls.

General services have been disrupted in Baghdad and I can see where frustrations can rise. But with billions of dollars Iraq is getting from its oil production, and billions of dollars the U.S. taxpayer is GIVING them, I think the corrupt government officials of Iraq could afford to bring basic services to its people and still line their pockets.

I wouldn't have a problem with us giving an apology and paying the $1 billion, but I do have a caveat. First, I would like the Iraqi government to pay back the billions of dollars the U.S. has given the country these past seven-plus years.

As a matter of fact, Baghdad can have my apology now and America will just deduct the $1 billion from what is owed us.


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