Cutting to the Core

Sacking of Navy captain premature

After spending four years in the U.S. Marine Corps I have to admit I have a bias towards the U.S. Navy. Heck, I like sailors and what they do.

So maybe my defense of Navy Captain Owen Honors is a little shallow, but I still believe he is getting a raw deal.

Who is Honors? He's the former Captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise, a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Why is he getting a raw deal? Because he is being removed from his position for lewd videos he made aboard the ship during 2007. These videos were shown on the ship's closed-circuit televisions and were made to highlight procedures and problems on the ship in a funny way.

This story might not have ever come out if it wasn't for a Virginia newspaper that got a copy of one video and wrote up a story about it.

The videos depict Owens, at the time the XO of the Enterprise, performing skits with other shipmates. There is simulated sex, derogatory references to gay men and women, women being portrayed as objects and crude humor.

Now, were these videos juvenile and un-PC? Yes, they were. But isn't just about anything that's funny on television nowadays juvenile and un-PC?

Take a look at shows like The Family Guy, Modern Family, American Dad and The Simpsons. All these shows, and probably everyone on MTV, are much more lewd than the videos Honors made. And these shows win Emmys.

One female sailor that served aboard the Enterprise during this time feels all this fuss is much ado about nothing.

Honors was promoted to captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise after these incidents, so that tells me he was pretty highly rated. The officer, by all accounts, is well liked by his troops and according to ABC News, he has had almost unanimous backing from his current and former shipmates.

Removing the popular officer and decorated Top Gun aviator will kill this man's career and I think that's a shame. We're talking about the military. Anyone who has ever served knows the language used in military circles is a little salty. Heck, sailors are famous for their colorful language and attitudes.

I'm not saying Honors shouldn't be talked to, but ending his promising career because of this puzzles me. Maybe some sensitivity training classes are needed. But in a time of war, do we really want to get rid of qualified officers over something like this? I think not.

Political correctness might have taken a hit when these videos were shown, but I think common sense and the welfare of the crew on the U.S.S. Enterprise are taking hits as well for this foolish action of removing Honors.


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