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Summer's finally here


cartoon by Cagle

I am so pleased summer is finally here! This means I won't be freezing 24-7, but instead can get nice and toasty by taking a break outside.

I know some believe all women are cold all the time, but that's just not true. I know a lot of women who are quite comfortable when the thermometer reads 68 degrees.

I am not one of them, however.

Unless the temperature is hovering somewhere around 75 degrees or higher, I am wrapped up like an Eskimo.

I layer my attire and wear a coat when others believe I am just plain crazy.

I can't help it. Being cold is not a state of mind for me.

So, seeing the mercury rise this past week has made me giddy. I can wear attire more appropriate for what is now officially summer.

It is strange how just a slight change in the temperatures can make a difference between long pants with tights and crop pants with sandals.

Call me a reptile, if you wish. I like it to be nice and toasty.

I can type better because my fingers are no longer stiff and feeling like popsicles. People can better understand me when I talk because my teeth aren't chattering.


I love wearing sandals or flip-flops. I love painting my toenails and feeling the flow of warm air on my feet.

I like walking around in the warmth of the sunshine, feeling nice and cozy. Sometimes I will slip off the sandals to feel the grass between my toes.

My disposition is also brighter with the sunshine. I enjoy the sunshine because it causes the trees to green up and the flowers to bloom.

Everything is more cheerful and fresh to me with summer.

All I can say now is...bring on the lemonade.


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