Cutting to the Core

Why not raise taxes?

Lately there's been a big brouhaha in Washington D.C. about raising taxes. The Republicans are dead set against it and refuse to negotiate with the Democrats on just about any issue unless the very thought of raising taxes is off the table. My question. What's wrong with raising taxes?

I hear a lot of false alarms from people about how the U.S. is spending itself into doom and how our grandchildren will be the ones left to deal with this mess. I don't want that. I want my grandchildren to live in an America that is 100 percent debt free.

So how do we do this?

Republicans will have you believe this can be accomplished by just cutting spending. Well, that's just ridiculous. Cutting spending will help and it's certainly something that should be done, but it won't make the U.S. debt free.

Cutting spending is important. I'm not trying to say it isn't. But where do we begin?

How about cutting the salaries of our president and all the U.S. representatives and senators? Wouldn't that be a good place to start? While we're at it, let's cut the bloated staff budgets our U.S. representatives and senators get. That action alone would free up hundreds of millions of dollars.

I think our military spending could be cut. Let's bring our troops home and stop spending billions of dollars in places we don't need to be. We could also get rid of some bases we have around the world. Do we really need to have all those bases in Okinawa? And why are we still in Saudi Arabia? Saddam has been dead for years now. Who else was threatening the Saudis?

We also need to stop giving out benefits to people who aren't Americans. I'm sorry, but it's probably time we ask people applying for entitlements if they are U.S. citizens. And it's probably time to start making those people prove it.

I'm not for cutting welfare. The reason is very simple. If we did that we'd be Mexico. Do you want to be Mexico? If not, then stop talking about cutting welfare.

Name me one country where the standard of living is as high as the United States that doesn't have some sort of welfare system. Don't even try because there isn't one.

But we do need to cut. I would be pleased if congress would finally pass a balanced budget. Once this happens, let's do what the Republicans want and cut $2 trillion in spending. Then, let's raise taxes to bring in an additional $2 trillion.

We shouldn't do this on the backs of our rich. There's no reason to punish people for living the American dream. I think everyone should bear the load, including myself and all the other people out there struggling to make ends meet. After all, it's all of our debt, not our children's or grandchildren's. All of us, rich and poor, should be required to dig deeper in our pockets to get this thing fixed.

I do believe the rich should have a bigger part in the raising of said revenue, but the middle class and the poor (me) should also help.

If we get a balanced budget, cut $2 trillion in spending from that and then raise another $2 trillion in taxes; that would be an annual surplus of $4 trillion. Take that money and put it directly to the national debt and we would only have to suffer for another five years at the most, probably less.

In five years the United States could be 100 percent debt free. My future grandchildren would be saved.

Now what's wrong with that?


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