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Too crazy for me

Everyone is talking about Charlie Sheen and his "winning" ways - of course, winning to him is apparently losing custody of his children and getting sacked from his hit television sitcom.

I don't want to be just another person picking on Sheen. To be honest, I've always liked him. Some of the best and silliest comedies in the 1990s star Sheen - such as Hot Shots and Major League. Sheen also proved himself a bona fide actor early on, making a name for himself in movies like Platoon and Wallstreet.

But Sheen's success was also met with his highly publicized battle with drug and alcohol abuse. When I see actors go down this route, I genuinely wish them the best. I want to see them overcome their struggles and rebuild their lives...

But then, there are some actors who push too many buttons and I turn off the TV.

Case-in-point - Lindsay Lohan.

Okay, she is quite the controversial actress, but you have to understand that I practically grew up with her. I remember watching a Disney Channel special on finding the right girl to star in the remake of The Parent Trap. I loved that movie - still do in fact.

Lohan's later work in Freaky Friday, Mean Girls and Bobby had me thinking that this is one child star that might actually make it into the big leagues...

Wrong. It's a shame because she had - er, I mean has - talent, but I won't be tuning in until some major changes are made in her life.

You see Lohan, like many before her and Sheen now, believes that fame and celebrity brings her privilege and the right to do as she pleases.

And I suppose, to some degree, she is correct. I mean, being a celebrity means they get just about anything for free (which is ironic because actors are incredibly over-paid) and sometimes it seems they're above the law.

I suppose Lohan is learning a very valuable lesson in that regard with her current shoplifting charges.

Mel Gibson is another actor I've turned my back on. You see, I don't like people who spout racist and sexist remarks - even if he was intoxicated, even if he doesn't really believe the things he's said, he still said them. Alcohol is only part of the problem. Those ideas, those thoughts came from somewhere dark within him and I can honestly say I no longer look at him the same way.

Joining Lohan and Gibson on my personal blacklist now is Sheen. He has utterly lost it! One needs only to read a few of his tweets or watch an interview to be assured of that fact.

For example, this is what he said on Good Morning America: "I am on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen. It's not available because if you try it you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body."

If that's not crazy, I don't know what is.

But the fact is, I'm not ignoring Sheen, or encouraging it, for any reason other than this man seriously needs help. The more his popularity booms, the more interviews he has and the more interest that spikes around him, the more disillusioned he's bound to become.

Sheen is at that point where he doesn't think he has to answer to anyone. But he does. As a celebrity, he answers to the public. Let's face it, we make and break celebrities. Our interest in their lives is what keeps them going. If no one knows their name, they aren't getting jobs.

So that's why I am no longer watching more interviews or tweets (not that I read them before). Until he starts acting like a normal human being, I won't be watching any television shows or movies (which makes me sad since rumor has it Sheen is interested in making another Major League film).

But I hold out hope. Once reality slaps Sheen around a few times, maybe he'll come to his senses - or maybe at least hide the crazy a little better. I like Sheen. Always have, but I am not about to contribute to his insanity by giving him ratings.


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