Cutting to the Core

What the heck is going on?

Why don't people listen to me? Didn't I just write a column telling Obama how the United States should let the Libyan people alone and let them figure out this mess they're suddenly in? Didn't Obama read my column?

I mean come on. We already have Afghanistan and Iraq on our hands, do we really need to take in another Muslim country?

Apparently some Republicans and Obama want to, but why?

Didn't Muammar al-Qaddafi recently relinquish all programs his country had dealing with nuclear weapons? Didn't he just recently renounce terrorism? Didn't former President George W. Bush work his tail off to get sanctions lifted against Libya?

Why, I think yes fits all these questions.

So what makes Qaddafi so important? Oh, he's killing his people.

Well, not to sound like I'm on the side of Qaddafi, but his people are rebelling. They are killing people, too. What do governments do when its own people start a rebellion?

I know the government shouldn't kill its own people, but can anyone say Ruby Ridge? Can anyone say Waco?

Oh, here's a good one. Can anyone say Sudan? Can anyone say Iran? Can anyone say Saudi Arabia? How about North Korea, can anyone utter that country's name? China, anyone?

This isn't our problem, period. Let the Europeans handle it. Can we, the United States, get off our high horse just once and mind our own business?

Do we really need a third war? I would say no. Aren't we broke? We spent almost $71 million just in Tomahawk cruise missiles on the first day of the United Nation's implementation of a no-fly zone.

That's just plain stupid to me.

If sanity is to ever reign in our country again we need to do a few things.

Stop spending money on fruitless wars, let's get our boys home from Iraq and Afghanistan, and then let's mind our own business. Maybe if we start doing that we will begin to see the fruits of our labor.


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