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Election time brings out the claws

As previously stated, I love fall. The brisk mornings and nice afternoons, and the endless wardrobe possibilities, it's my favorite time of year.

But mid-November is my absolute favorite time of fall. It's not too cold yet and most importantly, elections are over.

The endless campaign commercials no longer take the stage, and life can go back to what we once knew.

The worst part of election season is to first-hand witness the terrible character it brings out in people. I'd like to think local officials and lobbyists are a step ahead of the game, that they know how to maintain professional composure. But if I thought that, each election season I would be left terribly disappointed.

Even through hearsay and caddy campaign signs, people really show their claws. What's worse is our children are subjected to our possible public officials and lobbyists making fools of themselves by telling tall tales.

Sometimes, anti-campaigns go so far as to stretch the truth into unrecognizable fables. Some of the claims we hear are so far from the truth that it's ridiculous.

I guess some people will say anything to get their point across, even if it's not totally true. I am just happy it's over.

Don't get me wrong, elections are extremely necessary. I love our country; the democracy and the freedoms we share. But I can't stand the ill character people show in order to gain a little more power.

And for what? Apparently, it's for the betterment of our community or the underhanded advancement of a business. The betterment of our community would be better suited to be sought by people of integrity and goodwill towards men. It's hard to say who to trust these days, when television and campaign posters point the finger instead of pointing to the real issues.

We can only hope voters will take action as informed citizens, because you literally cannot believe everything you hear.

I'm moving forward to a season of thankfulness, and right now I'm thankful elections are over.


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