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Telling tales serves no useful purpose

I am just plain sick of the half-truths, lies and garbage that spews out of Washington, D.C.

It seems common sense has gone out the door and telling tales is all some politicians know how to do.

They spin stories like Stephen King, attempting to frighten their audience, the American people.

The most recent offense has been committed by Congressman Andre Carson (D-Ind.). He told members of the Black Caucus that Tea Party members would love to see black Americans "hanging from a tree."

I will admit there is still some racism in the U.S. and there may be some individuals who harbor such sentiments. However, painting a large group of individuals with such a broad stroke only serves to incite anyone who might be offended by the remark.

It incites black Americans, creating a certain prejudice against anyone who claims affiliation or sympathy with the Tea Party movement.

The statement incites those who are affiliated with the Tea Party movement because they feel as if they have been unjustly characterized as racist.

This serves no positive purpose. The only thing that can be accomplished is negative feelings on both sides of such a heated issue.

Locally, hackles are also up because there are community members upset with Sunnyside City Council's recent decision to hire a consultant for a study of the police department. Those opposed to the study claim it's a waste of money. Some go so far as to intimate the city manager and members of the city council who voted for the study are conducting a witch hunt.

A study or "investigation" can benefit the police department. There is always the possibility that the results come out favorable, giving council direction for providing more equipment and staff or expanded facilities.

Because I believe, like those opposed to the study, the police department is doing a good job, I think the study will be a benefit.

Posting posters and emails, stating certain officials seek to harm the police department, the citizens opposed to the study are inciting negative feelings on both sides of the issue.

I think it is time for both those in D.C. and those locally, who are intent on stirring the pot, to lay it all down. It's time to begin communicating with others in a positive manner, seeking to understand those to whom they are so opposed.

Rather than use language that will certainly upset others, they should help others understand their point of view through positive communication.

I am just tired of all the negativism. Sometimes, if you have nothing positive to say, it's best to keep your yap shut.


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