Time to get back to values we once held

We are saddened by the horrific shooting in Connecticut. When will we see the end of these types of occurrences?

We wonder what's wrong with this country. Is it maybe because this country has fallen away from faith in God and the moral values we used to treasure?

As Christianity and morality goes, so goes the nation. God has been kicked out of the schools, and now they are trying to kick God out of the country.

We want to leave Christ out of Christmas; the Ten Commandments are being banned; family lives are being shattered; abortion is rampant; traditional marriage is gone; illegitimate births are common; and the list could go on.

What used to be wrong is now right, and what used to be right is now wrong. How sad.

Do people really care any longer about God and country like our forefathers did when they held those values in high regard? It is high time for us to get back to those values that were so dear to them long ago.

/s/ Hank Timmermans, Sunnyside


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