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Sprinkler dodging...

This is the season that I never really experienced when I lived on the wet side. Oh, sure, we had sunny days. Sometimes multiple ones in a row, even. But summer on this side of the mountains is very different.

For one thing, being a weather wimp I find it nearly impossible to go outside during the heat of day. I was raised in temperatures that ranged from 50 to 75 degrees on average, and once the mercury hits 80 I start to get uncomfortable.

That means my husband and I usually do our walking in the morning. That also means we get to play dodge-the-sprinkler.

Sprinklers are another change for us. A handful of people in Seattle water their lawns. In the neighborhood I moved from last I cannot recall anyone who did. It just wasn't necessary. If anything, it was annoying trying to find a dry weekend to just mow the yard.

Over here, people don't just water their lawns, they water the sidewalks as well. Badly aimed sprinklers drench sidewalks all over town. Especially in the mornings, the best time to be out walking.

This has resulted in me stepping into the street entirely too much for my own comfort to avoid getting soaked. Fortunately, Sunnyside also has a lot less traffic than Seattle, so it's generally not an issue.

Still, I would love to see a few more folks start the summer with a check of the placement of their sprinklers. If you find yourself wasting water on the sidewalk, maybe fix it?

It would sure make walking in Sunnyside much nicer.


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