In-depth analysis?

RE: Guest Column in the Daily Sun News by Will Durst, entitled "Tone-deaf tin ear":

Upon my first read-through, I thought perhaps Durst was going for the Shock-and-Awe approach just to get a few laughs - at someone else's expense, of course. After all, that's the popular approach the media takes today, but usually it's on TV comedies targeting teenagers. No, the element that offended me was the poor writing skills.

Durst obviously hasn't done his homework on the candidate before unleashing a barrage of insults. For instance, Durst uses the phrase, "Greed is Good!" in referring to a candidate who donated 15 percent of his yearly income to his church, Harvard Law School and the Bush Museum, among some of the recipients.

In addition, Durst didn't even mention that Mitt Romney rescued the 2002 Winter Olympics by taking over the failing adventure without taking one cent for performing his job.

Finally, just ask the citizens of Massachusetts; they'll tell you Mitt wouldn't take any salary for being their governor for four years. (maybe there are noble people who really do want to serve others!).

And is Durst the only American who doesn't realize the Romneys are not "country club chaps?" Come on!

Durst did not focus his criticism on Mitt Romney's ideas or his actions; in fact, he spent six lengthy sentences poking fun at his physical appearance. Hmmmmm. . . not really in-depth analysis, huh?

Rick Santorum wasn't safe from Durst's insults either; apparently Mr. Durst is an equity-in-insulting advocate.

Please, Daily Sun News, select a guest columnist who doesn't write in the style of an uneducated red-neck displaying the angst of a 14-year-old. Contact the Advanced Placement teachers at Sunnyside High School. I'm sure they have students who could write circles around this guy, using researched facts, genuine wit and intelligent humor while maintaining civility.

/s/ Lynette B. Rodriguez, Sunnyside


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