County sets public hearing on adult business zoning

YAKIMA - In action this past Tuesday, the Yakima County commissioners set Tuesday, Oct. 23, as the date for a hearing to review zoning recommendations for adult businesses.

The meeting, which is required by law following a moratorium placed on accepting new adult business applications in August, will be held at 2 p.m. in the Yakima City Council chambers.

In related news, commissioners also received findings of fact in connection with the zoning moratorium.

The moratorium was put into place because a district court said the current zoning regulations governing adult businesses in the city of Yakima and Yakima County are too subjective.

The findings of fact, also required by law when a moratorium is imposed, indicated the zoning moratorium was needed to fully consider the issues.

The findings of fact, according to documentation from the county planning department, also reflected that a moratorium was needed to prevent the establishment of unregulated adult entertainment.

The six-month moratorium is set to expire Feb. 14, 2013.


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